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Huruma Building Collapse

In the middle of the rubble of demolished apartment buildings, after greed and corruption cost 100 people, including 4-year-old Brandon, his siblings, and their father, their lives.

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furaha 2016 8th grade graduates
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Furaha 100% Pass Rate – Again!

Furaha Community Foundation, Huruma, Nairobi, Kenya It is incredible but yet again the Furaha Primary School Grade 8 class scored a perfect 100% pass rate in this years High School entrance exams. Amazing. Congratulations to the students and the staff!

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new preschool in guatemala
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A New Preschool in Guatemala

Esperanza Para Guatemala, Zona 18, Guatemala City Jose Armas is a leader who makes things happen. The starting of a preschool in Esperanza is an exciting new development. Based in the heart of Zone 18 the preschool will become a haven for lots of children growing up surrounded by gangs, violence and poverty – a…

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new high school in haiti
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A Brand New High School In Haiti

Foundation Bethesda Center, Jacob & Palma, Haiti. As we start 2016 Lucson and our Haitian partners are getting ready to start a new High School in the Jacob and Palma valley. The first High School ever to be built in this ignored and forgotten valley in Haiti. No longer will students have to live in…

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Human Dignity

Human dignity should not be a privilege. Human dignity should be a right of every human being. But for the thousands living in extreme poverty, with no food and no way out, is that dignity?

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You Can Make A Difference

Poverty is a brutal cycle that billions are trapped in. But we believe that not only CAN this change, but that it WILL. And YOU can make a difference.

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A Life in Extreme Poverty

Get a glimpse into life in extreme poverty by learning the story of Joshua, an orphan living in the Huruma slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

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“When I Grow Up…” Furaha Primary School

We asked some of the children at Furaha Primary School, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Here are their answers.

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Guatemala Feeding Program – Guatemalans Helping Guatemalans

Learn how Esperanza Para Gutamela’s feeding program helps thousands of people in need in Zone 18 of Guatemala City.

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When They Grow Up – Part 3

We asked a few of the children from Esperanza Para Guatemala, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Here are their answers.

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