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Esperanza Para Guatemala

Zone 18 is infamous. Infamous for all the wrong things – drugs, gangs, violence, poverty, darkness, despair, death. Yet the majority of its nearly 1 million residents are trapped through no fault of their own. Trapped with no way out.

However, Jose Armas and his organization Esperanza para Guatemala are convinced that through education, vocational training, tutoring and the teachings of Jesus there is a way out for the children of Zone 18.

Every day Esperanza provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch for a few hundred children and provides support to their extended families, reaching over a thousand people. It serves over 9000 plates of food every month. With loving care and dedicated staff and volunteers it provided tutoring and academic support – providing the only library in Zone 18 with access to books and computer lab for studies. Children are given the chance to learn valuable work skills in the areas of carpentry, computers, cosmetology and baking. Mixing fun and learning together cultivates a family atmosphere to its mission of providing children and their families with tools and opportunities for their spiritual physical and emotional development.

“We want to show the children that yes, it’s possible to have a different life from the one they’ve learned over and over from generations.” Jose Armas, Founder of Esperanza para Guatemala.

Esperanza para Guatemala works under an NGO status in Guatemala, led by a team of dedicated Christian leaders.

Working together with Esperanza Para Guatemala

Meet the children and see how our efforts benefit the local communities.

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