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Lucson DervilousCurrent work in Haiti is led by Lucson Dervilous, a local Haitian, who studied for 2 years in the United States. Lucson grew up as an orphan himself. He wanted to come back to his home village in Hinche and surrounding small poor villages in Palma and Jacob to start a school for children who would never have a chance to be educated. In 2010 a school was built which has now grown to 8 classes, with a new classes added every year, 50% of the children are orphans ranging from Preschool to 6th Grade with 348 children, with plans currently being made to build the first high school in the valley. Entrepreneurial micro-loans include trading in rice, beans, soaps and oils or trading goats pigs and chickens. Small businesses like these provide essential income for many poor people enabling them to better provide for their households, improve their economic stability and bring empowerment. Especially to the women who are operating the majority of these businesses. Foundation Bethesda also runs a local church open to all from the communities around them.

The Foundation Bethesda Center works under an NGO status within Haiti.

Working together with Foundation Bethesda Center

Meet the children and see how our efforts benefit the local communities.

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