Furaha Community Foundation

Led by incredible Kenyan leaders and staff, the Furaha Community Foundation (FCF) is a community of hope. From its start as a tutoring group for a handful of children, FCF has grown to be a vibrant Primary School of 500 children grades pre-Kindergarten to Class 8, and High School of 150 students in 2014- on its way to reaching its capacity of 200 students. From the beginning days of a few volunteers to a quality facility and staff of over 40 gifted and committed Kenyans.

Furaha Community FoundationFCF has also grown to be multifaceted in its operation. The children are taught by a team of committed and talented teachers. A team of cooks serve a daily nourishing meal to every child who normally might only eat every other day; the High School students live on campus and receive three meals a day. Good nourishment has improved the children’s health and concentration in school. Eighty percent of the children are orphaned relying on others to care for them. In the event that a child has no guardian or is at risk in his or her living environment, care is provided in a girls and boys safe house.

Each day every child receives vital friendship, education, physical and spiritual care. Along side the school, a team of dedicated social workers visit the children and their guardians to bring support as well as helping them fight for justice. Microloans help fund small businesses run by guardians so they can better provide for themselves and the children entrusted to them. A Health Program brings support and health education to those affected with HIV/AIDS (children or their guardian) as well as helping the children remain healthy.

In this grey, intimidating, desperate slum where poverty and disease stand alongside crime, addiction, and hopelessness, the Furaha Community Foundation brings light and life.

The Furaha Community Foundation works under an NGO status within Kenya, lead by dedicated Christian leaders.

Working together with Furaha Community Foundation

Meet the children and see how our efforts benefit the local communities.

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