Our Values


We value all people as being created in God’s image and worthy of love.
All people matter to God and therefore matter to us; and this same God has a bias to the poor and so do we.

We participate in holistic community development with systemic long-term solutions to break the cycle of poverty.

We partner with and empower indigenous leaders who better understand their culture, values, needs, and challenges.

We insist on maintaining strong relationships with our global partners.

We hold to sustainable models of operation and allow such to limit our activity.

We seek to educate people about poverty and justice.

We value measuring the durable social impact of our work to qualify the trust placed in us.

In all we do, we hope we are

Bringing a voice to the voiceless.
Making their story, our story.
Being true to the God we follow.
Helping the shalom of the Kingdom of God break through.
Being the Gospel.

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