SPEND: A Virtual Brushstrokes For Hope

Covid has changed most things in 2020 – including our annual fundraiser!

For many years we’ve been hosting an annual event called Brushstrokes for Hope.
What began as a small event raising $5K grew and grew to where last year we raised $63,000!
These funds brought huge help to our global partners and were a tremendous blessing.

This year -2020 – Covid year – while we can’t host a safe in-person Brushstrokes for Hope event – we’ve come up with a virtual equivalent!

Monday to Friday – November 2 to 6, 2020
SPEND a day with our global partners!

Every day we will share a new video our Global Partners have filmed and update you on what is happening.
We invite you to SPEND a few minutes learning and hearing their updates and then SPEND a little generosity to help the children we stand with.

GOAL: $25,000

Covid has brought to our global partners new challenges as they do all they can to provide for the well-being of the children they care for.
The lockdown has brought many issues to the children.
There is an increasing amount of domestic abuse happening and increased mental and emotional health issues.
Many are struggling with food depravity as the lockdown and curfews have closed down any potential jobs and earning.

The Schools have to improve their washrooms, drinking water and sanitization processes.

The monies raised through SPEND will be used by our global partners to make the improvements needed to be ready for the school to operate in a Covid era and keep providing for the children’s well-being.

  • Care packages
  • Community water provisions
  • Washroom and sanitation improvements
  • Well-being programs – mentor groups, counseling, extra curriculum activities
  • Covid stimulus school and community initiatives
  • Improved health and social work programs

Our partners in Kenya not only develop the academic success of each of the students, but also play a key part in the social and emotional development of the children they serve.

Listen above to learn how Furaha uses sports and music to meet the complex needs of their students who live in extreme poverty.

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Thank you for SPENDING time with our partners this week, and for SPENDING to empower children out of extreme poverty.

“In Haiti, the best thing you can do for a child is to send the child to school” Lucson Durvilus

Tune in above to hear an update from our Haitian leader, Lucson Durvilus.

Your gracious giving allows for the children at Jacob and Palma to go to school!

The new school year begins next week!

Thank you for SPENDING time with our partners this week. Give below so the exceptional work of our partners can continue.

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