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Join us being the generation that kicks extreme poverty off the face of the planet.

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In the time it would take you to drive from Glasgow to London, a plane could have taken you to the Huruma slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

When you land you quickly realize you have reached a very different world:
A world of slums.
A world of extreme poverty.
A world of children dying for no other reason than they were born in the wrong place.

Only 9 hours away.

We’ve been.
We’ve seen.
We couldn’t come back and not do something.

The visit we made led to the birth of When I Grow Up UK.

Gilbert has gone the most. He leads our sister charity in the US. But he grew up on Scotland, and that’s how we ended up walking the street of Huruma and seeing it for ourselves.

We want to invite you to see it and to join us being the generation that kicks extreme poverty off the face of the planet.

In January 2018 we launched WIGU (UK).

British folk do it differently.
So while we enjoy the videos and the website that WIGU US has we are our own entity raising money in the UK to help the children of Huruma and the local Kenyan charity called Furaha Community Foundation.

From small home gatherings where we discuss extreme poverty – to dinner parties where we share our story of seeing it – to applying to UK based Foundations that help in the areas of education and poverty – we hope to begin a grassroots movement of people who agree where you live should not determine if you live.

Partnering with When I Grow Up (UK)

Our Partners are saving lives. Literally.
They realise that what is most needed are the resources to provide education, meals, health care, social care.
They give.

Ways to Give to WIGU (UK)

You can send a cheque to When I Grow Up (UK). Post to:
When I Grow Up (UK) 1st Floor Standard Buildings 94 Hope Street Glasgow G2 6PH
You can set up standing order or send money directly to:
Royal Bank of Scotland – Sorting Code 835200, Account Number 19103214

Contact WIGU (UK)

Email: infoUK@whenigrowup-global.com
Phone: 07515 332770

The WIGU (UK) Team

Christopher Macintosh
Raymond Foster
with Gilbert Foster, who is Scottish but lives in the US and leads WIGU US

About WIGU (UK)

When I Grow Up (UK) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Register Number is SCO47647