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No amount is too much or too little.

Our mission is to ensure that no child in the world needs to live in extreme poverty.

  • Led by incredible Kenyan leaders and staff, the Furaha Community Foundation (FCF) is a community of hope. From its start as a tutoring group for a handful of children, FCF has grown to be a vibrant Primary School of 500 children grades pre-Kindergarten to Class 8, and High School of 150 students in 2014- on its way to reaching its capacity of 200 students. A large proportion of the children are HIV+ orphans, the poorest of the poor. From the beginning days of a few volunteers to a quality facility and staff of over 50 gifted and committed Kenyans.

  • Current work in Haiti is led by Lucson Dervilus, a local Haitian, who studied for 2 years in the United States. Lucson grew up as an orphan himself. He wanted to come back to his home village in Hinche and surrounding small poor villages in Palma and Jacob to start a school for children who would never have a chance to be educated. In 2010 a school was built which has now grown to 8 classes, with with a new class added every year. 50% of the children are orphans ranging from Preschool to 6th Grade with 400 students, with a new High School started in 2017.

  • Zone 18 is infamous. Infamous for all the wrong things – drugs, gangs, violence, poverty, darkness, despair, death. Yet the majority of its nearly 1 million residents are trapped through no fault of their own. Trapped with no way out.

    However, Jose Armas & Pastor Alex and his organization Go Guatemala are convinced that through education, vocational training, tutoring and the teachings of Jesus there is a way out for the children of Zone 18.

Be a Destiny Changer

How we’re empowering children out of extreme poverty

Free Education

The Furaha Primary School provides education to over 500 children living in one of Kenya’s most disadvantaged slums. The boarding High School is home to 125 more students.

Through your donations, children are able to attend school at no cost to them. They receive not only a school uniform but a daily feeding program, textbooks, tutoring and health/social support for free.

More Than Just School

We go beyond the classroom to empower children out of poverty.
Food & Clean Water
New School Uniforms
Health Checkups
Safe House Care
Spiritual Teaching and Nurture

Join our mission to end extreme poverty

There’s a lot you can do to help. No contribution is too small. You can donate your resources. You can raise awareness. You can help advocate for change. You can help educate others about the problem, the solutions and the Biblical emphasis on ending extreme poverty.


More than 90% of your donation goes directly to the work we do.


100 cents to feed a child for a school week, or just 20 cents per child per day.

There are many ways you can help to make a difference!