Our story begins in some of the darkest places on the planet... Lands ravaged by decades of war, disease, and disaster.


People impacted every day (more than 7000!)


90.8% of your donation goes to the work we do.


100 cents to feed a child for a school week or just 25 cents per child per day.


Global partners in Guatamala, Haiti, and Kenya


For many impoverished children living in Kenya, education is simply unobtainable. Through our partnership with the Furaha Community Foundation, we are able to provide quality education to those most in need in the Huruma slum of Nairobi.


Low Attendance

For millions of children living in slums only around 50% of them will attend primary school.

Hidden Fees

While Kenya’s government states that public education must be provided free of cost, public schools will tag on fees for registering a child, fees for uniform, desks and textbooks, fees for exams, and more. For families trying to survive on $1.25 a day the cost means their children do not go to school.

Substandard Education

Studies have shown that by the time students in Kenya’s schools reach the third grade (around age 8), less than 20% can read or do basic mathematics. Students will, on average, receive only 2 hours of instruction per day.

Lack of Suitable Teachers

During a World Bank report, teachers at Kenya’s public schools were found to be absent half of the time. Additionally, of Kenya’s public school teachers, only one-third scored higher than 80% when tested on the subjects they were teaching.


500 Students

The Furaha Primary School provides education to 500 children living in one of Kenya’s most disadvantaged slums. The Boarding High School is home to 125 more students.

Free Education

Through your donations, we are able to send students to Furaha’s schools at no cost to them. They receive not only a school uniform, but their textbooks free of cost as well.

Quality Education

This last year, every single one of our Grade 8 students passed the national high school entrance exams. This is astounding for a slum school, especially when nationally, only 50% of students pass.

Valuable Mentors

Furaha’s teachers are more than just teachers- they’re also valuable life mentors for their students, and their efforts extend beyond the school day.

Our work is not just limited to Kenya.See the good we are doing in other parts of the world


We go beyond the classroom to empower children out of poverty.


Lice Treatment

Students are regularly de-liced, helping prevent diseases such as Typhus and African Tick Bite Fever.

Food & Clean Water

Provided daily to students, who may otherwise go without at home.

Health Checkups

Regularly provided to protect against preventable diseases, and daily medications are given to students who need them.

Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

Students are cared for and counseled by social workers towards wholeness and well-being in mind, body, and soul.

We believe that where you live shouldn't determine if you live.

Please join us in empowering children out of poverty.

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