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Please join us in empowering children out of poverty.

Join The Movement

When I Grow Up is a grassroots organization that relies on people helping. From running a yard sale, to being sponsored in a run/race, to selling lemonade or organizing a golf or tennis tournament, to arranging a Christmas/Spring boutique in your home, to taking over a restaurant for a night, to recruiting U2 or Taylor Swift for a charity concert – we encourage any and all ideas that people want to try and run with!

Fill out the request form below and we will provide the guidelines and values we ask you to hold as you represent When I Grow Up and help empower some incredible children.

For Church Representatives:

Many of the churches that we partner with have a Church Rep to keep their church community informed as well as involved in playing their part in making a difference. If you’d be interested in introducing When I Grow Up to your church please fill out the form below and mention your church.

Make A Difference

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Because where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.