The Power of $30
What might buy us a morning coffee or our kids a Happy Meal goes a much longer way in areas of extreme poverty.

When you live on $1 a day you can’t put food on the table for your children or even provide clean drinking water.

As for safe comfortable home, health care or an education-they are but dreams.

Giving to When I Grow Up enables us to provide vital resources to our Global Partners who can then save the lives of children and let them go after their dreams.

Here are some of the things $1 a day could provide:

Food in the stomach of a hungry child.

Essential medicines for a parent fighting AIDs.

Clean water to quench the thirst from the hot sun.

The visit of a social worker to care, give listening ears, and a helping hand.

A microloan to help a guardian work and be able to pay the rent.

A safe classroom in the middle of a threatening slum.

A teacher to help children read and write.

After-school programs to keep kids from going home to empty houses, and have fun while learning.


Because where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.