Should Your Geography Determine Your Destiny?

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Ask yourself one question…Should your geography determine your destiny?

Furaha – An Excellent Work

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Our latest video shows the incredible progress made in the Huruma Slums by Furaha Community Foundation. What started off as tutoring for 40 children in extreme poverty has grown to schools that provide quality education for over 600 students, and assistance for thousands more!

When I Grow Up – Join In The Movement

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Watch this video and then – Join In The Movement

Meet Bramwell

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Meet Bramwell, a student at Furaha school, hear his encouragement for other students, and his dreams for the future.

Meet Diana, a Furaha High School Candiate

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Meet Diana, and hear her story.

Geography Should Not Determine Destiny

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Where you live should not determine if you live. Geography should not determine destiny.

Meet Moses

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Met Moses, a student at Furaha with an unforgettable story.

Meet Josephine

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Meet Josephine, one of the leaders and teachers at Furaha Community Center.