Listen to Jacob’s story…

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Jacob faces the fear of arrest, hunger, and lack of basic necessities to live and provide for his family. This reality for him is no stranger to 1.9 billion people in the world who face these same fears as a result of extreme poverty. Yet, there is hope in his eyes when he speaks of the dreams he has for his children. When I Grow Up witnesses children who are being empowered out of extreme poverty, including Jacob’s children, only because of your donations and willingness to stand with the poor.

Where you live, should NOT determine if you live. Let’s keep changing lives together.

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Change for Change

Change for Change 2017

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We’ve recently had many people run amazing Change for Change campaigns, from individuals that have raised $45, to congregations that have raised $20K! It’s a great program that everyone can do.

We will help you with the green bottles – all you have to do is get people together to collect their spare change, count it, bank it and send When I Grow Up what you raised to help children.

Click here to learn more and request your bottles!

Just When You Think Everything Is Going Good!

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Often our e-news shares the great things happening with our global partners and the work they do, and there are great things happening!

We celebrate the success of exam results, expansion, more guardian businesses and more children/families being helped out of poverty.

Since the start of the year your giving has enabled 107,000 meals be served to precious children, many whom are orphans. Amazing, dedicated teachers have taught over 780 class lessons. 1,200 children have received daily school tuition, and over 106,000 hours of trading has been done by guardians/parents of the children to help empower them out of a life of extreme poverty.

BUT ……. life in extreme poverty comes with many bad things that happen as well.
Since the start of this new year ……
440 children have been sick and missed days at our partner schools. Some of them seriously sick and not at school for more than a few days.
370 of their guardians have also been sick and unable to earn or provide for their children.
AND – the worst of the bad things – 156 children have experienced physical violence towards them since the start of the year! (some repeatedly!)


Your giving to When I Grow Up helps us provide better medical care for the children and provide more social workers to be with the children in their home settings and bring protection and care through regular visits, collaborations with the guardians, and staffing of the safe-houses.

Not everything goes good when you live in extreme poverty – help us make it better than bad!