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Furaha Teachers Wishing YOU a Very Merry Christmas

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The teachers from Furaha wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Despite the challenges faced this year, Furaha is so grateful for your constant support.

This Christmas you can give the gift of empowering children out of extreme poverty by clicking below.

Lives are being changed every day because of your giving.

Merry Christmas from Furaha

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From our friends in Kenya…”Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”…

Your giving is changing the trajectory of thousands of lives.

Last month for our annual virtual fundraiser we raised over $52k.

Incredible. Let’s keep changing lives.

This Christmas season, we ask that you give the gift of empowering a child out of extreme poverty. Let our friends from around the world know they are not forgotten.

You can give your gift today, simply click the donate button below.

Let’s do this together.

The Next Generation of World-Changing Leaders

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Through the Furaha Community Foundation, many of the High School graduates are recipients of the Furaha Community Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship allows these graduates to pursue a University, College Degree or Vocational Training Diploma. If a student is empowered through advanced education their entire family is lifted out of extreme poverty. The scholarship make possible what the students could only dream of!

The Engine That Drives Furaha

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The social work department of Furaha invites you to take a look into a day in the life of their incredible work. Lives are being transformed in some of the darkest places of the world, because the social workers of Furaha are committed to serving and empowering children out of extreme poverty.

Give today and change a child’s destiny.

Be A Destiny Changer.

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Welcome to the 4th Day of SPEND. Only one more day of our Virtual Fundraiser. We hope you are enjoying the many updates from our partners!

We can’t wait to get back to our friends. We sure miss them!

In the meantime, thank you for your generosity to ensure the work to empower children out of extreme poverty is still moving forward.

It’s both physical and spiritual

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Meet Lydia!

She is the Furaha School Nurse. She is intervening and bringing health to the children of Furaha.

Furaha care for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the children.

Your dollars are in action each and every day, as our partners make plans for the current times and the future.

The hiring of a school nurse to serve all students in the primary and the secondary school is allowing students the opportunity to be seen by a medical professional, a service that would not be offered otherwise in most homes.

Hear from Lydia below…

Your Dollars Will Be Matched!

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Your dollars will be matched today.

For the past 11 years your faithful giving has allowed our partners in Haiti to provide a quality education for the students attending Bethesda School.

Our partners express their deepest thanks for your life-sustaining financial gifts to continue the work to empower the children of Bethesda School out of extreme poverty.

Join us today and give, EVERY dollar up to $5,000 will be matched today.

Let’s do this together.

Give below.

Update From The Infamous Zone 18

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When you support When I Grow Up, you are supporting our friends in Guatemala. Today we hear from our friend Jose who is working with Pastor Alex to provide food, water, and resources to Zone 18 in Guatemala City.

The need is great.

You are providing water.


You are providing life to people around the world with your donations.

As you give, you are encouraging others. Let’s keep going.

Give today to empower our partners from around the world.

From Furaha… You are needed

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Welcome, friend

Thank you for joining the movement to empower children out of extreme poverty.

In Furaha our friends face challenges that need your help.

Furaha is currently implementing the rigorous Competency Based Curriculum that requires students to produce work that tests their skills using digital resources. In order for students to be successful, parents are also asked to play a role by providing technology for their students, though this can be problematic as families lack the digital resources to help their students.

Amidst the challenges, your giving, and your continued giving allows for the students of Furaha to access laptops so students can access the digital literacy needed to show competency.

Donate today so our partners can continue to supply the students of Furaha with the proper resources to meet the growing demands of learners.

You are needed.

Welcome to the 2021 When I Grow Up Virtual Fundraiser

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It’s going to be a great week!

This week we will hear from our partners, starting now through Friday evening.

This week we also ask that you give financially so our partners can continue the work they do day in and day out to empower children out of extreme poverty.

This morning, we invite you to listen in to David Oginga the CEO of the Furaha Community Foundation as he welcomes YOU to this year’s Virtual Fundraiser.

Take a moment to hear from David then GIVE using the link below.

Most special thanks to the following sponsors who have helped make this week possible:

  • Growing Healthy Churches
  • Kimo’s Car Wash
  • South Valley Community Church
  • Valliwide Organics
  • DJ Forry Company
  • Valliwide Marketing
  • Garabedian
  • Kiongozi Consulting