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Those Pesky Mosquitoes! May 2018 Updates

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“If you think you are too small to make a difference…try sleeping with a mosquito in the room!”


I’ve been there. Done that. Glad my malaria medicine was working. BUT for many people they have no medicines and every 30 seconds a child dies from a mosquito bite!


Standing with our global partners can be as simple as a $10 donation to pay for malaria meds, or $30 to buy a mosquito net for them to sleep under.

No one and nothing is too small to make a difference.

Donate $30 Today

Furaha High School new dormitory – with comfy beds!

Most of us have a room to sleep in, a bed to sleep on and we don’t have mosquitoes infecting us. For the students of Furaha High School, most have no bed at home, no bedrooms at home and there are mosquitoes all around.

The High School is the first place they will have a bed of their own – and have a mosquito net!

Go on – buy a brick or a bed and help empower some amazing students out of extreme poverty. Graduating students can pull their entire family out of extreme poverty.

Click here to watch the video and learn more!

Urgent Prayer Needed for Guatemala

It seemed like a step forward. the Guatemala government pulled their army soldiers off the streets as a sign of peace and progress. BUT – in Zone 18 where Esperanza para Guatemala are working, this is having serious ramifications.

The soldiers were the force that kept the zone from erupting in gang battles and daily gun deaths.

People are nervous, tense, waiting.

Pray a particular protection for Jose, his family and the staff and children of Esperanza.

Thank you all for being difference makers!

When I Grow Up News April 2018

Latest Updates from our Global Partners – April 2018

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At When I Grow Up, we exist to ensure no child in the world needs to live in extreme poverty.

We do this through behaving with relational intelligence, dedication and valuing meaningful relationships with our global partners.

Our action focuses on raising resources for funding and friendship to share with our global partners who are on the frontlines of helping children who live in circumstances of extreme poverty.

We are a village, because we know it takes a village. Our team is global including our global partner friends in Guatemala, Haiti, and Kenya. Our local partners are in California, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Scotland.

In 2017, forty-two WIGU local partners traveled 79,114 miles to visit our global partners and share friendship and support.

Our supporters delivered on their best year to date in donating and investing in the work we do.

$657,810 was raised to help our global partners. Through individual donors, church support, fundraising events, and grants awarded, people gave generously believing in our mission and vision.

A total of 473 people, churches, companies and organizations stood with us in giving and investing in empowering children out of extreme poverty.

That’s over $1,800 raised every, single, day!

The focus of our work is on partnering with three amazing Global Partners who do life-changing daily, front-line work.

  • Furaha Community Foundation, Huruma slum, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Esperanza para Guatemala, Zone 18, Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Bethesda Center Foundation, Palma and Jacob, Haiti

    Together they teach and care for 1,640 children and a total of 9,130 people receive regular help from our global partners in the form of school education, health care, daily feeding programs, weekly food supplies, micro-business interest free loans, church involvement, job training, work support, university grants and safe-house care.

    At the center of each global partner’s work is education.
    The education is wrapped around with feeding programs, health care, social care, spiritual nourishing, guardian empowering, safe house protections, job training, post High School education and community development.

    What’s Ahead in 2018

    Every year our global partners do more, help more, care more and love more. It’s our joy – and challenge – to keep up with all they are doing to change the lives of more and more children.

    Our biggest project to date is underway at Furaha Community Foundation. We are helping them build a new 240-bed dormitory for the High School students.

    This is a huge project – $300,000 huge!

    But as always we know our supporters and friends will help us raise it and see the Furaha High School students have the safe, warm, hygienic and quality dormitory they deserve.

    Click here to watch the video and learn more!

    Other News and Projects

    • In Haiti we also want to finish building their High School classrooms. But it’s more than bricks and mortar. Every day we provide 1,610 meals. We help over 90 staff provide for their families and develop their careers. We train 22 Pastors.
    • In 2018 Esperanza para Guatemala will start Phase One of a new Primary School.
    • We now have over 60 Furaha students studying at university or college.
    • Three safehouses are operating to protect most-at-risk children.
    • Last year textbooks were provided for every school student.
    • Esperanza have started a new program for 50 additional at-risk children from two local schools, three other schools will join in later in 2018.
    • In partnership with the Gnu Foundation there are over 240 micro-businesses running.
    • Furaha Primary won National Championship in arts and dance; top three in academics out of 120 schools; the Furaha High School was 5th out of 48 schools in their district.

    The amazing reality is that through our global partners, your support and investment with us helps 15,065 people every week!

    Travel in 2018

    Join us on in visiting one of our global partners. We have trips in the works for June, August, September, January, and February. We go to be, not to do. Learn more about traveling with us.

    Interested in visiting our global partners in 2018?
    Email and find out dates, costs and expectations!

Project Literature

Back to School Special: Project Literature

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In Low-Income Countries (LIC) most schools don’t have textbooks. Most schools and communities do not have libraries. Most children, most families have never owned a book.

To help empower the children we stand with we are committed to helping them have access to school textbooks and reading books.

Sadly, textbooks, even in LIC’s, are not cheap. $5 to $10 a book – for a family who lives on $2 a day – is a huge investment.

As your children or grandchildren return to school and college here in the US or the UK, how about donating to help a child in Haiti start their new school session with a school textbook?


abandoned but not alone

Children Abandoned But Not Alone!

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Esperanza para Guatemala sits in the middle of Zone 18 of Guatemala City. It’s a zone filled with 900,000 people and infamous for its gun violence and its poverty.

If the people already lived in fear, that fear was compounded earlier this summer when several earthquakes hit the city. Poorly built houses shaking due to multiple earthquakes increases the fear. Jose Armas, the leader of Esperanza, emailed us immediately to share that people were ok but scared.

A week later a second email comes from Jose. This time it’s different. As many children are eating breakfast in the Esperanza daily breakfast program, a desperate, hurting mother calls to tell Jose she is leaving town seeking a better life in the US – and her 5 children that Esperanza are presently feeding – she’s leaving them and asking Esperanza to look after them!

Already these children have seen their father desert them. Now they are left completely alone.
It’s what poverty does.
It drives people to the edge.
It forces people to make impossible choices.

Jose and the Esperanza Team stepped up. They trace down the grandmother who is already caring for 7 children and with the help of a local pastor and with Esperanza’s commitment, there is now a family of 12 children plus an aged grandmother being held and helped together with Esperanza’s commitment to children and families.

It’s a day in the life of families and children who live in extreme poverty. Chaos. Pain.
It’s a day in the life of Esperanza para Guatemala. Chaos, Pain. Being Jesus.
Beauty in Zona 18.

new preschool in guatemala

A New Preschool in Guatemala

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Esperanza Para Guatemala, Zona 18, Guatemala City

Jose Armas is a leader who makes things happen. The starting of a preschool in Esperanza is an exciting new development. Based in the heart of Zone 18 the preschool will become a haven for lots of children growing up surrounded by gangs, violence and poverty – a terrible mixture. Esperanza’s team of gifted and dedicated Guatemalans will begin this new venture with love and hope.

We are excited to see this begin alongside the growing vocational, agricultural and business ventures Jose is leading Esperanza to undertake in 2016.

You Can Make A Difference

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Poverty is a brutal cycle that billions are trapped in. But we believe that not only CAN this change, but that it WILL. And YOU can make a difference.

Guatemala Feeding Program – Guatemalans Helping Guatemalans

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Learn how Esperanza Para Gutamela’s feeding program helps thousands of people in need in Zone 18 of Guatemala City.

When They Grow Up – Part 3

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Guatemala – Hope Amidst Despair (Part 2)

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When They Grow Up – Part 2

1366 768 When I Grow Up

We asked a few of the children from Esperanza Para Guatemala, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Here are their answers.